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Fight and flight.

Paintball will be a mixed bag for you, depending how well it’s run.

Receiving your gun will make you feel protected and powerful.

When you discover on the target range that your marksmanship is superior, you’ll feel even better.

In the training area, with the supervisors close at hand, you’ll derive great satisfaction from dispatching other humans with impunity.

In the skirmishes, your keen hearing will serve you well as you creep among the undergrowth.

The thrill of surprising and shooting your foe will be enormous.

Unfortunately, your enemy won’t take kindly to being bested and may blast you point blank in the chest.

You won’t know how to respond to this outrage. And the bruise and humiliation will sting for days.

In the major battle, you’ll enjoy being part of a team (for once).

This sense of comfort, however, will quickly dissipate as you realise that few on either side are playing by the rules.

When you get hit, you’ll dutifully trek to the time-out area.

Yet when you hit others, they’ll vanish back into the foliage and continue playing.

This anarchy will completely dispirit you and you’ll discharge your oversupply of paint balls (bought at great expense, with such enthusiasm and hope) at insects and trees.


Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.


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