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Has this ever happened to you?

If you receive a religious upbringing, your faith may be tested early.

The acute lack of hard evidence for your designated god/s will set your mind to questioning.

The wonder of miracles and mysteries will vanish when they fall apart under your objective analysis.

The existence of hundreds of belief systems, all claiming to be the only true faith, will make you consider several alternatives, then become suspicious of them all.

The use of almost all religions to disempower women, molest children, murder infidels and/or enrich officials will fuel your distrust.

Fortunately, your keen appreciation of nature will make you feel there’s some kind of higher power (and therefore a possible afterlife).

Agnosticism will thus spare you the nihilism of atheism, unless unhappy life events make you lose faith in everything.

Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.



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  1. Your sharp,insightful writing gives me goosebumps. Looking forward to reading your book. 😊

    • That’s about as fine a reaction as I could wish for! A couple of people have said this blog is my best. It certainly comes straight from my heart – to right between the eyes. Thanks so much for casting your gaze this way. Love, P. 🙂

      • It’s great to know you keep improving on your awesomeness. philosophy is… ‘the best is yet to come’.
        Looking forward to more words from your heart.

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