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Cutting comments.

Being able to focus intently on one task has a flip side which can manifest spectacularly during shaving.

If you have an important in-person meeting, it’ll consume your thoughts as you shave your legs or face.

Each pass of the blade will see you ponder the event from a different angle, and try to prepare.

As shaving and pondering are mutually exclusive, you may cut yourself deeply in the very attempt to make yourself presentable.

If you slice into a mole, this can be serious. Especially if it’s on your chin.

Blood on the towel. Blood on tissues. Blood on your hands. It can take  several fabric bandaids to staunch the flow. And the look is not one to win corporate hearts and minds.

Fronting a meeting with a large sticking plaster cross greatly diminishes already-frail confidence. And any attempt to remove the dressing beforehand (however dry and healed the wound may seem) will release a crimson torrent onto your stockings or collar.

The solution is to shower and shave on the eve of the meeting. That way, you have all night to recover from your injuries.


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