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Put yourself in the picture.

Heated, outdoor, Olympic-sized (50 m) swimming pools offer joys and hazards. You can optimise your experience by swimming in mid winter.

Removing most of the people usually gives you a lane to yourself. You can reach a meditative state without having to give way or match your speed to other swimmers.

If you’re lucky, you may also get a lane either side of you, so you feel really free. This also reduces the number of unsightly objects (e.g. hair, band-aids, mucus) crossing your path.

If you time your arrival to coincide with the end of a thunderstorm, you may have the entire pool to yourself. Rippling the vast, glassy surface without another soul tainting the water or watching you is a rare treat indeed.

When it rains, you’ll thrill to cold drops on your head while the rest of you is warm. You’ll also enjoy the splash of raindrops landing before you. If it rains hard, you’ll taste the fresh water layer that forms over the chlorinated.

When it’s sunny, a glittering underwater universe of wavelengths awaits your goggled eyes.

When it’s freezing, the hot water outlets will feel like oases of comfort.

As a safe, gentle, therapeutic, solo exercise, swimming is hard to beat.



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  1. Thank you for saying so, Sarah. And for reading! 🙂

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