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Your eBay photos will likely be better composed than most.

Your aspie superpowers will make decluttering a double-edged sword, so it’s important to wield it carefully.

On one hand, you’ll be keen to minimise the unnecessary possessions rattling around you. A tidy home lets you find things faster, trip over them less and generally remain calmer.

On the other hand, your preoccupation with detail may see you lose sight of the main game and plunge into a flurry of fascinating but utterly inefficient activity.

For instance, given the choice between hanging up a large box of framed photographs and slicing up an old autograph book to see what the signatures fetch on eBay, you’ll probably opt for the latter.

After many hours spent researching, writing, editing and monitoring your ads (and answering buyer questions) you may dispose of one small piece of paper.

The large box, however, remains. Even though it’d only take you half an hour to empty it and get it off the floor, you doggedly pursue your online adventure.

As soon as you sell one autograph, the rest will cry out to be advertised.

Nor will you be able to do another thing until the entire book has been processed.

If you have a partner, this will drive them to distraction. It’s therefore a good idea to begin with a ‘real’ decluttering task and then reward yourself with a ‘fun’ one.

If you do all the fun stuff first (e.g. photographs, USB sticks, swap cards, vintage scrabble letters) you’ll die of old age before you uncover the carpet.


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