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Adding these to an aspie’s peg container is downright cruel.

Anyone familiar with your condition will know when you’ve hung towels on a clothes line.

The towels will be spaced laterally and ventrally along and across the lines for optimal air flow.

They’ll factor the sun’s current position and its projected transit during the estimated drying time.

You’ll also consider the potential of wind to dirty the towels by blowing them against objects.

Even given the most motley collection of clothes pegs (differing in material, design, size, age and hue) each towel will sport matching pegs.

You’ll check progress regularly, adjust towels to reflect changed conditions and remove dry towels to benefit those remaining.

Though such meticulous care will seldom be appreciated, you’ll know you did your best.


Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.



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  1. Been there, still doing that. My clothespins match in four colors: primaries + green. Socks are matched directly from the washer and must be hung facing the same way, heels to the reverse, same color pins on the same hanger. Black hangers for Dad’s things, white hangers for my stuff, blue for the boy’s. When the clothing dries, it is immediately ready for the closet, which is color-coded and organized by item class. When my sister saw how I mended socks and underpants with cotton floss in a herringbone pattern, she said, “Are you going to enter these in the fair?” No, nobody sees or appreciates my patches but my menfolk (and my sister), but this is something I just have to do and they tolerate it well enough. Sometimes an irregular clothes pin will come into our lives and I find those useful for closing bags of cereal or potato chips, but then I like them to match the bag they’re holding closed. If they don’t match, that food item will instead get a piece of clear tape. So in a Venn diagram, how much overlap do we have between Asperger’s and OCD?

    • What a fascinating reply, Lia! How great it is to know one isn’t alone. You’ve got some moves there that I’m quite jealous of! 🙂 This glimpse into your world is enchanting. Re overlap, I feel there’s plenty. At a domestic chores olympics, I think we’d get along just fine. Thank you for yet another magical comment! 🙂

  2. Close pins that don’t stack are a major reason to by a dryer!

    • Good point, Peter! Thank you for joining us. While I prefer wind and solar powered ‘dryers’ (due to their zero carbon emissions) I totally appreciate your position. Best regards, P. 🙂

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