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Miffy in the Snow Small

Snow is very … cool.

You will like snow.

First, it acts like a remote control on the earth. Freezing motion and muting sound.

A forest under heavy snow on a calm, sunny day is a paragon of peace, order and stillness. The quietude will be like a balm on your so-often-hectic brain.

Any event that occurs on this backdrop will be super real. Like the girl in the red dress in The Matrix. Or the device advertising agencies use to colour the ‘hero’ product against a monochrome background.

If you’re lucky enough to see a bird hopping among the silent branches, you’ll delight in watching it at leisure while the rest of the world is stopped in time.

Second, snow is a mechanism for precisely translating movement into sound and energy into form.

When you step into a drift, the crunching snow records the speed and trajectory of your foot. And the imprint reveals exactly how much force you put into your step.

This is like seeing words as pictures, or (perhaps) numbers as forms.

It’s very satisfying and great fun.


Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.


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