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This should scare the bejesus out of you.

Clowns are a freak out on every level.

Their appearance is completely contrary. The painted smile is often at odds with the set of the mouth. This is particularly obvious if a clown gets close to you. Especially an old one.

Then you’ll see the tired grimace, the stubble pushing through the wax paint. The wisps of grey hair protruding from the wig. You may also smell bad breath and alcohol.

The jaded delivery of old jokes will also raise your suspicions that this creature is not to be trusted. But that’s nothing, compared to how a clown acts.

On offering you a handshake, the clown may pull his hand away at the last moment or startle you with a palm buzzer. Usually to the delight of (especially child) onlookers.

This will mortify you.

His behaviour towards colleagues will also appal. Pulling away chairs, spraying with soda bottles, setting off firecrackers.

As similar things happen to you at school, you won’t see the fun in these antics at all.

When you read Stephen King’s It, you’ll feel frightened but vindicated that what you always suspected about clowns is true.

So parents, if your Aspie child doesn’t want to visit the circus, there’s probably a very good reason.

Even as an adult, high quality entertainment like Cirque du Soleil will hold zero appeal for the coulrophobe.

We’re not joking.


Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.



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  1. It makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Perhaps the laughter/humour associated with clowns is part nervous? Something edgy, unsafe. Anyway, I’m full of admiration for this blog, which I’ve been watching for some time but not commenting on. Thanks for all your fascinating insights.

  2. Thank you, adamnrave! It’s wonderful to know you’re out there digging these posts. I shall continue with renewed vigour. Best regards, AS. 🙂

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