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The quest for order is a double-edged sword.

Faced with a series of similar tasks, you may feel compelled to put away all your tools after each one.

Such behaviour is patently obvious on an office desk.

You’ll signify the completion of each job by sweeping every pen, pencil, paper clip, calculator, ruler etc into your draw.

After tasting the brief satisfaction of seeing your desk completely clear, you’ll then unpack your tools ready for the next job.

You may even place each tool in its own special spot.

Though this toing and froing is arguably a waste of effort, you’ll receive frequent compliments on the order and cleanliness of your work space.

You’ll also know the instant someone ‘borrows’ your ultra-fine mechanical pencil.

Whereupon you’ll immediately start hunting through the entire building until you get it back.

As this may amuse work colleagues, it’s a good idea to keep identical back-ups for each of your ‘core’ tools.

This way, you can finish the job at hand before commencing your search. Though anxiety about the missing item (and speculation as to whether it was stolen, by whom, and why) may prove too distracting.


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  1. Wow – I thought I was the only one who did that! I even feel the need sometimes to get up and walk around for a bit before starting my next task.

    • Hi, Ruby and welcome! Ever since I started writing this blog, our readers and I have had a similar sensation to you. Others feel the same; we’re not alone! I’m very grateful for your visit and for taking the time to share your thoughts. Best regards, Paul. 🙂

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