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Quite frightening, close up.

A single blow-fly can trigger a surprising variety of strong emotions.

If you see it struggling in a pool of water, you may feel compassion and rescue it with a stick.

If it follows you inside, you may feel agitation that your home and concentration have been compromised.

If your concerted efforts to oust it without harming it fail, you may feel frustration.

If you spray it with poison, your brief flutter of satisfaction may turn to sorrow as it starts to die.

If it takes a long time to die, in paroxysms of agony, writhing and reaching for life with its every appendage grossly extended, you may feel remorse.

If you put it out of its misery by crushing it between two sheets of paper, you may be shocked and surprised by the colour and quantity of its blood, brains and entrails.

If it leaves behind a clutch of wriggling baby maggots, your final emotion may be revulsion.

Is this just an Aspie thing, or does everyone experience such a cavalcade of emotions when dealing with a damn fly?!


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  1. Maybe an Aussie Aspie thing 😉 Makes sense to me!

    • And that is the greatest comfort I derive from this blog. Finding out, via comments like yours, that I’m not the only one. With kind regards and many thanks to you for taking the time, P.

      • Thanks to you for taking your time to write it, it certainly brings me comfort too! 😊

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