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The Aspie’s hero? You be the judge.

One interesting corollary of your ‘otherness’ may be your strong attraction to certain movies.

The sort of films with an eccentric, fringe-dwelling protagonist who wages an unconventional battle against forces infinitely more potent than himself.

Murphy’s War, starring Peter O’Toole, is the epitome of this genre.

The reasons for your attraction will naturally differ according to your experience and personality.

However, you may be particularly drawn to the hero’s ability to:

  1. Build, repair and use things.
  2. Garner loyalty and support from subordinates.
  3. Learn new skills.
  4. Carry on despite setbacks.
  5. Articulate and remain steadfastly true to a vision.
  6. Conquer fear of injury and failure.
  7. Subvert ‘the system’ with impunity.
  8. Earn the grudging respect of those whose rules you break.

I’d be fascinated to know if other Aspies share my deep affection for this movie.

Check it out and let me know!

The novel is also very good. Descriptions of the river (a character in its own right) are particularly impressive.


Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.


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