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Congratulate honestly, but not too highly.

As an ardent lover of Truth, you’ll be constantly dismayed by the variability, expediency and mendacity of politicians.

Soon you’ll be close to writing them all off as hopeless liars.

On very rare occasions, due to extreme circumstances even they may not understand, a politician may feel driven to tell the whole truth in a clear and emphatic way.

Like a beacon in the night sea, this will attract and impress you greatly.

So much that you may feel compelled to tell the politician how you feel. Even if their party’s views are diametrically opposed to yours.

Today’s technology makes this possible. It’s an easy matter to email the person or leave a comment on their blog (or the online article detailing their ‘lapse’).

It’s fine to show your support; just don’t overdo it.

What goes on the Web stays on the Web, and your thoughts (especially if expressed with your characteristic vehemence and candour) may haunt you in future years.

Further, most ‘normal’ people fear and suspect frank opinions, so you may actually damage your ‘brand’ by tabling yours.

Ironically, while it’s OK for politicians to take the odd trip down Honesty Lane with impunity, society is unlikely to afford you a similar luxury.

Therefore, either self-edit your comments, or pass them through the filter of a trusted friend.


Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.

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