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Drama doesn’t have to be large scale.

While most ‘normal’ people flock to gawp at car crashes, your sense of drama may be on the smaller side.

Waiting for the lights to change, you may see a saga carved into a traffic light pole.

This pole has been used countless times by people promoting bands and garage sales, touting work-from-home opportunities, seeking lost pets and offering weight loss schemes.

Each time, they’ve attached flyers with sturdy tape, usually circling the pole several times.

Each time, council workers have come and removed these illegal communiques.

As each piece of tape is ripped off, it usually takes some paint with it.

Sometimes, there’s so much tape or so many flyers that the workers have to use sharp spatulas.

These leave their own distinct marks in the paint.

The apparent ferocity of their marks suggests the workers are:

  1. In  a hurry (perhaps because they’re outsourced contractors).
  2. Heartily sick of this kind of work (and perhaps their entire jobs).
  3. Uncaring of the poles they’re cleaning (the bane of all public property).

So you see, much can be deduced and inferred from a humble scenario like this.

Though fraught with difficulties, the world of the Asperger sufferer is also rich with sensations.

In my opinion, this is getting very close to art.


Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.

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