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This brand is easy.
Others are much, much harder to calculate.

If you have two dogs of the same breed, you may feel irresistibly compelled to feed them identically.

And I mean identically.

This isn’t so hard with the type of dog food pictured above.

But God help you if your partner buys granular dogfood – and you either have to count the tiny fragments or weigh the bowls.

The dogs don’t give a damn about these taxing mental machinations.

Nor should you.

But sometimes, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.


Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.


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  1. Which trumps, piece or weight? I reckon I’d go weight. Fairer after all. How about by volume? Could be real curly with non-uniform kibble.

    • I always go for pieces. Weight is too obsessive, even for me. Though I’d have to reassess if we ever got a pallet of canned mush.

      Uneven kibble does disturb me slightly, and any broken bits must at least be roughly matched.

      Cat owners have it made with those sachets. But I can’t handle such wasteful packaging. Which is why I buy a massive drum twice a year. Keeps the shopping down, too.

      Thank you for caring! 🙂

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