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Graham Christmas Small

A time to take special care of yourself.

Xmas (Christmas) can be very tricky.

If you have no (or another) religion,

or can’t/don’t/won’t have kids,

or don’t believe in Santa,

or don’t like socialising,

or don’t wish to clutter your home with needless purchases,

there are few (if any) reasons to celebrate.

You may therefore feel your otherness particularly keenly at this time.

If you have a non-aspie partner, this will likely hit them pretty hard.

So it’s important to take extra care of yourselves and each other.

This may involve bolting the door and bunkering down until it’s all over.

A more positive use of ‘downtime’ is to go where others aren’t (e.g. a golf course at dawn on xmas morning).

If you have pets, make the most of them.

For they accept you, even if you are a ‘freak‘.


Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.


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  1. Sounds like a nice opportunity to do as you please! Christmas can be a bit of a chore (a duty) for lots of folk. And perhaps ‘freak’ is a strong word. Maybe just different? Anyway, dare I say … Merry 25 December. 🙂

    • Good points, Ad. Perhaps I tend to be a glass-all-empty-and-smashed-on-the-footpath kind of guy. I shall weigh your words with the respect they deserve. Many thanks! P. 🙂

      • If weighed, I’m generally found wanting. However, I do like to encourage a glass-not-smashed kind of philosophy. Not least for myself. Bar the shards of glass in my feet, it works quite well. Anyway, I do wish you season’s cheer, and hope you’re riding out the holidays in your own fine fashion. As an aside, I reckon ‘bunker down’ is a odd yet well fitting malapropism for the original ‘hunker down’. Certainly, a bunker is a good place to hunker, which is probably where we got it. Merry Xmas, or merry ex-mass, whichever you prefer. 🙂

        • Agreed, Ad. Better a glass on the bar than under it! 🙂

          We’re going along OK. Actually had some work come in, so am making pennies in the mornings.

          By chance, I originally had hunker, but felt bunker might be better. When I looked it up and saw the nuclear-winter and coal-fire connotations, I was sold. You are indeed one of my most prized readers. Thanks for your phenomenal interest! 🙂

        • ‘a odd’? Stupid fat fingers … Glad things are good! Take a break if you can. Yep, bunker is good, and I’m a firm believer that language is as language does. Blatingo!

  2. I have AS, and I have a difficult time with Xmas. Thanks for helping get a better understanding of why it is difficult. Part of it for me is, I really hate the disruption in my normal routine.

    • Thank you for reading and providing such positive feedback. I agree with you re the routine. For me, the flip side is that most people are on holiday at this time. I can stand in the middle of usually busy roads at peak hour and not see a single car. I revel in the space, cleaner air and quiet. It seems there are often two sides to the aspie coin. Kind regards, P. 🙂

  3. Our first Christmas in Australia was an odd affair. Christmas to us is being freezing cold and snuggling up in front of a roaring fire. Being boiling hot and melting in front of the fan was not a very festive experience! Having children has helped a little – their excitement rubs off – although it still never really feels like Christmas. The up side is we get to make our own Christmas traditions, eat whatever we like for lunch (no more roast turkey with all the trimmings for us) and enjoy the Boxing Day test (far more enjoyable than the Queen’s speech).

    I agree with Adam – do whatever you like on Christmas Day and enjoy the fact you have a choice, while lots of people are suffering family they don’t like very much just because it’s expected!

    • You sure know how to add value, Bridie! I’m very grateful you took the time to compose such a comprehensive (and sensible!) reply. I can’t fault your wisdom. Thank you very much! 🙂

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