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The puppy as a child.

The puppy as a child.

If childless, you should have more success than most deriving faux-parenting experiences from non-infants.

This will likely be due to your vivid imagination and strong ability to anthropomorphize.

The flip side of ‘making do’ with substitute offspring is that when your pet does die, your heart will shatter with grief.

Yet it’ll probably be worth it.

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  1. I suspect for Aspergers, or even just for misanthropes like me, pets are straight shooters and thus the relationship is deep and true. As they say in business world, if you want to be liked, get a dog. The business world is stupid for trivialising that trueness and deepness, but the argument is sound. By the way, it did and it was. Always great to read your thoughts, PH.

    • Thank you, Ad. When I get a reply like yours (not that there are many) I know I’m on the right sled. Yukon’t Buck the call of the wild. I know you ended up under the ice and I remain sorry for your crippling loss. With deep sympathy and many thanks, P.

  2. I’m sure that dogs are great, but I prefer teddy bears as their great companion and you don’t have to feed them, just love them!!

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