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Bring out the biggest gun.

If you’re young, your otherness may make you an easy target for paedophiles.

If you’re unlucky enough to fall victim, the road to recovery may be twisted and long.

Medication, alcohol, therapy, creative writing – all may fail to heal (or even mask) your pain.

That’s where a Royal Commission comes in handy.

Vast, inexorable and insanely powerful, mere mention of this crushing juggernaut turns kiddy fiddler blood to ice.

Once you give evidence to an actual commissioner, your case is referred to a nice policeman who turns every stone to bring your attacker to justice.

The process is exhaustive and exhausting.

Black leaves from your lake bed cloud your days anew.

But it’s not as bad as living with trauma unabated.

And one fine day, acknowledgement, apology and even reparation may be yours.


Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.



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  1. That is just brilliant. Good on all those that stand up and refuse to be victims long after the evil doers have moved on. Dragging them back across time to face their actions when they have long thought themselves free is perfect. Explain that to your wife and kids. It is indefensible and they will be judged in this life and the next.

    • Wow, Malcolm. That is one powerful comment. Thank you for all you’ve done to grease the rails of justice. I’ll never forget it. Best regards, P. 🙂

  2. This is powerful stuff, Paul. The Commission makes for hard listening. But one can hear how much the experience interferes with carefree childhood development. Very sad.

    • Hi, Ad. If there can be an act to save my sanity, better one of Commission than omission, I reckon. You, of course, acted surely when called upon to aid my suit. Thank you very much for wearing the pants. Best regards, P.

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