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Nothing hooks your delicate sense of smell
like these babies.

When you return home from dropping your partner at the airport, you may find evidence of their hurry to pack.

The instant you enter the house, the stench of mothballs will assail you.

The balls may be old and few.

The wardrobe (closet) door may be open mere millimetres.

It may only have been an hour since you left.

Yet for you the smell has pervaded the whole building, altering its aspect and bombarding your uber-delicate senses with torrents of data.

If you feel this way, you may consider becoming a detective – where attention to detail is a boon.


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A simply wonderful life pleasure.

Grass is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Its look, feel, flavour and meaning will delight you every time.

On a summer afternoon, when the cricketers have gone, a lush green outfield will beg you to collapse into it.

Running your hand over the pile, you’ll feel every blade caress your fingers before flipping back in place.

Lying back, you’ll sink into the ultimate chaise as you track cotton clouds in cobalt.

You’ll love it when the mowers are overdue. Tall, swaying sheaves give shape to zephyrs as surely as your hand on a pin board.

And when the mowers do come, the heady release of natural scents will make you sigh with contentment.

Grass stems in your mouth change with the season:

  • The green yield tangy juice and stringy fibres.
  • The brown give dry, spiky shards you can bite, press against your tongue or thread between your teeth.

On a deserted golf green, tiny, perfect tines bear dew to the dawn.

In each sparkling orb, you’ll see the world reflected and the cosmos suggested.

However you cut it, grass rocks.

That’s the long and short of it!


Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.


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The Best Gift Ever.

The Best Gift Ever.

A puppy may be the best gift you ever receive.

You’ll delight in stroking her coat with your fingertips, feeling her heartbeat with your palm and hearing her breath with your head against her side.

Nothing will feel softer than her fine, furry ears. And the faint, dusty smell behind them will be unique in your world.

You’ll love how she curls against you in winter, noting that her body temperature is two degrees higher than yours.

As she’s such a good guard dog, you’ll truly relax when she does. The certain knowledge that no-one can approach without triggering her warning growl will give you rare respite from constant vigilance.

You’ll love her dearly and spare no expense on her health and wellbeing.



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This blog is a device for collating personal experiences (mine and possibly yours) of Asperger syndrome. I plan to collect first and sort later, so brace yourself for randomness.

Though my symptoms cause me significant distress, I appreciate that yours (or those of the one/s you care for) may be much worse.

It’s therefore with humility and respect that I invite the views of those further along the spectrum. Any humour you detect in my posts is merely the other side of my particular coin.

I warmly welcome your input, which I may include in a book. While I claim the right to use anything you post, I won’t reveal your identity unless you want me to.

Should your contribution be significant, I’ll invite you to the book launch or send you a free, signed copy when it’s published.

This project was suggested by my psychologist. I wish to remain anonymous, at least until I find my feet and set down all the things that have affected me most.

While some of the impressions noted herein may be due to child abuse  or depression, we may yet discover that Asperger syndrome is the nucleus of my woes.

If you’re a publisher, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting; come back soon!

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