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Don’t be fooled by age or looks. This may be the best ten bucks you ever spend!

Aspies make ferocious and diabolically innovative gamers.

Perhaps because cyberspace is the only playing field that’s truly level.

And because you don’t have to play ‘face to face‘.

If you’d like to try your hand at this tremendously fun activity, but are worried that you can’t handle too many things going on at once, there’s a solution.

It’s called turn-based combat.

As the name suggests, you and your opponent take it in turns to make your moves. Just like chess.

Unlike real time strategy (RTS) games, you can consider your moves as carefully and for as long as you wish.

Panzer General is arguably the best turn-based strategy game of all time.

I’m talking about the original. Not the many iterations it’s gone through since its release.

Though it looks desperately ‘old school’ compared to today’s frenetic, visually rich games, it has a standard of game play that you just can’t beat.

Give it a shot.

The skills you learn in this arena will serve you very well if you decide to go for more challenging fare (e.g. Company of Heroes) down the track.


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A simply wonderful life pleasure.

Grass is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Its look, feel, flavour and meaning will delight you every time.

On a summer afternoon, when the cricketers have gone, a lush green outfield will beg you to collapse into it.

Running your hand over the pile, you’ll feel every blade caress your fingers before flipping back in place.

Lying back, you’ll sink into the ultimate chaise as you track cotton clouds in cobalt.

You’ll love it when the mowers are overdue. Tall, swaying sheaves give shape to zephyrs as surely as your hand on a pin board.

And when the mowers do come, the heady release of natural scents will make you sigh with contentment.

Grass stems in your mouth change with the season:

  • The green yield tangy juice and stringy fibres.
  • The brown give dry, spiky shards you can bite, press against your tongue or thread between your teeth.

On a deserted golf green, tiny, perfect tines bear dew to the dawn.

In each sparkling orb, you’ll see the world reflected and the cosmos suggested.

However you cut it, grass rocks.

That’s the long and short of it!


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