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Out there.

Being introverted doesn’t mean you can’t act like an extrovert now and then (in fact, it comes with the territory).

If you have a valid message and a means by which to convey it, audiences should warm to you.

And their endorsement may suffice until you can generate your own.

To learn more, watch Susan Cain’s The power of introverts.


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Count yourself lucky!

If you’re entranced by numbers, you can take your passion beyond the screen and into the wider world.

Hunting numbers gives purpose and excitement to your journeys – turning them into mini safaris.

Carrying a camera gives you something to do – and an ‘excuse’ to be where you are.

It’s fun. It keeps you fit. Kind viewers give you helpful feedback (and thus validation).

And if you’re any good (which will likely be the case) you can sell your photos to stock shot firms.

I’m experimenting with three types of photo number blog hereĀ and here.

Which do you prefer?


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Points of difference.

You don’t see so many kids’ colouring-in books these days.

If you’re old enough, though, you may recall the pleasure of completing them.

Not all books were the same.

The designs, for instance, varied wildly – from obsessively intricate to insultingly facile.

The best fell somewhere in between.

The papers varied too. From shiny surfaces that barely took a pencil mark to blotter-style offerings that soaked each careful texta stroke far beyond its intended position.

It was rare, therefore, to get a pleasing design on practical paper.

Christmas ‘Bumper Fun Books’, by dint of their sheer size, usually carried two or three satisfying options.

With your attention to detail so keen, you naturally coloured within the lines.

Yet sometimes, engrossed in activity, an unguarded movement saw your marker slip.

This transgression marred the entire work. So much that you had to employ your black texta (the most valuable in the set, and the one most likely to fail first through overuse).

You traced the entire colouring-in design with black, making all the lines slightly wider.

At the slip-up, the line became wider still, as you covered the alien colour with pitch.

The result was not unlike a stained-glass window.

Alas, someĀ errors were too big to mask and had to remain patent.

When you submitted a work thus flawed to your parent, their judgment was revealing.

Instead of praising your industry, your palette or your almost-perfect execution, they did something else.

They started at ten, then subtracted one mark for each crossed line.

Never, in your entire childhood, did you score a perfect ten.

Though you tried and tried and tried.

It was only 40 years later, when writing a blog post to ameliorate the Great Sadness that had befallen you on waking, that you realised something.

Your parent had Asperger’s too.


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Read the runes (of ruin).

Read the runes (of ruin).

‘Patina of age’.

Once you encounter this phrase, you’ll likely use it often.

For it describes something quite fascinating.

‘Patina’ began as a greenish film on old bronze.

It expanded to include an oxide coating on any metal surface.

Now it resides on 343,000* web pages of every hue.

Wood, masonry, plaster, paint … the works.

Images like those above and below may interest you more than most television programs.

Studying objects with a patina of age, you’ll trace eras, incidents andĀ processes (human-related and otherwise).

These photos depict but a fragment ofĀ an old building, the exploration of which could occupy many happy hours.

If you ever renovate an old, old house, you’ll get great pleasure from:

  1. peeling back the decades;
  2. unearthing artifacts; and
  3. imagining the lost lives of others.

Passing motorists were doubtless amused as I laboured to perfect this close-up.

* At time of writing.

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Drama doesn’t have to be large scale.

While most ‘normal’ people flock to gawp at car crashes, your sense of drama may be on the smaller side.

Waiting for the lights to change, you may see a saga carved into a traffic light pole.

This pole has been used countless times by people promoting bands and garage sales, touting work-from-home opportunities, seeking lost pets and offering weight loss schemes.

Each time, they’ve attached flyers with sturdy tape, usually circling the pole several times.

Each time, council workers have come and removed these illegal communiques.

As each piece of tape is ripped off, it usually takes some paint with it.

Sometimes, there’s so much tape or so many flyers that the workers have to use sharp spatulas.

These leave their own distinct marks in the paint.

The apparent ferocity of their marks suggests the workers are:

  1. InĀ  a hurry (perhaps because they’re outsourced contractors).
  2. Heartily sick of this kind of work (and perhaps their entire jobs).
  3. Uncaring of the poles they’re cleaning (the bane of all public property).

So you see, much can be deduced and inferred from a humble scenario like this.

Though fraught with difficulties, theĀ world of the Asperger sufferer is also rich with sensations.

In my opinion, this is getting very close to art.


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Those people look like ants. They are ants! Are they?

For the purposes of my imagination andĀ entertainment, this photo could equally depict grass from 0.5 m or a jungle clearingĀ from 500 m.

What do you say?


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Lawrence. About to lose it.
God knows I would too!

Lawrence of ArabiaĀ is another Aspie hero.

He certainly knew his stuff among the Arabs in World War I.

And if you read his biography, you’ll find he was a troubled chap indeed.

Despite his profound otherness, he achieved great things in archaeology, language, warfare and literature.

Though the movie is doubtlessĀ romanticised, it has more than enough grit to satisfy the fact-hungry viewer.

Lawrence’s ultra-violent response to his abuse by the Turks is an oft-cited character flaw.

Yet who among us, bullied at school to the edge of madness,Ā would not take revenge on our tormentors if given the chance to do so with impunity?

As with Murphy’s War, I’d love to hear your views on this film.

Perhaps we can generate a Top Ten Aspie Film list.

The festival wouldn’t be much chop …

but our friends and family would certainly have an easy job at xmas!


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Once again, fine details are pronounced.

As discussed in Art and Detail, your compositions may be unusual for your age (or indeed any age).

Pieces like the one above may languish hidden in your home for decades.

Yet there’s power and satisfaction to be derived from rescuing your art, framing it nicely and displaying it with pride.

Chances are you’re going to be ‘odd’ for the rest of your life.

Why not revel in your special gifts and enjoy your time on earth?


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Chicken Coop by 5.5 Year Old. An Early Indicator of Asperger's?

Much has been written about the Aspie’s focus on detail, rather than the big picture.

The drawing above was done by a 5.5 year old Asperger sufferer.

Could the extreme attention to the chicken wire have been an early indicator of the syndrome?

I warmly welcome your views.


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Painting in 1973

Painting in 1973

When doing art at primary school with scissors, glue and coloured fabric scraps, you’ll probably create something extraordinary.

Not only will your subject be atypical for your ageĀ (e.g. an erupting volcano) you’ll also use the materials metaphorically (e.g. bold black strips to indicate flying lava trajectory).

The result will be so unusual that your teacher may discuss it with your parents.

Don’t get your hopes up.

Though your piece will stand out clearly from the families, pets and vehicles depicted by your classmates, it’ll fail to garner a red-and-yellow SOLD sticker in the art gallery at the school fete.

Instead, it’ll be taken down, folded double andĀ returned to you as a memento of your ‘otherness’.

Whether you can parlay this traitĀ into a viable artistic career is entirely up to you.

A Volcano. Circa 1970.

A Volcano. Circa 1970.

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