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Much more fun than it looks.

Poor coordination, low self esteem, lack of team spirit and/or a preference for academic pursuits may make school gymnasium time dispiriting and uncomfortable.

There may be one activity, however, that you do enjoy.

If the gym has large, thick, heavy exercise (tumble) mats, your class may play the unofficial (and sometimes banned) game of ‘stacks on the mill‘ – or whatever it’s called in your world.

Basically, a few students lie on the first mat, while the other mats are piled on top.

The students outside the pile then jump on top of it and bounce up and down – theoretically trying to crush their colleagues to death, but in the knowledge that the ‘give’ in the first mat makes this (unfortunately) impossible.

You may find you much prefer to be a ‘crushee’, rather than a crusher.

In fact, you may well be able to withstand more weight, and for longer, than any other child.

This may result in you ending up alone beneath all but one of the mats, and all but one of your class.

To enhance your splendid isolation, you may even wriggle to the centre of the pile while chaos reigns above.

There you can relax in warm, dark, comfortable solitude.

Until the gym teacher comes along to ruin the only good thing about your physical education class.

Decades later, you may learn that Temple Grandin recognised the value of non-human ‘hugs’ and actually created a ‘hug machine‘ (or hug box) to this effect.

While you may not feel the need to install one of these in your lounge room, it will be satisfying to realise why you loved to be last on the first mat all those years ago.

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Bring out the biggest gun.

If you’re young, your otherness may make you an easy target for paedophiles.

If you’re unlucky enough to fall victim, the road to recovery may be twisted and long.

Medication, alcohol, therapy, creative writing – all may fail to heal (or even mask) your pain.

That’s where a Royal Commission comes in handy.

Vast, inexorable and insanely powerful, mere mention of this crushing juggernaut turns kiddy fiddler blood to ice.

Once you give evidence to an actual commissioner, your case is referred to a nice policeman who turns every stone to bring your attacker to justice.

The process is exhaustive and exhausting.

Black leaves from your lake bed cloud your days anew.

But it’s not as bad as living with trauma unabated.

And one fine day, acknowledgement, apology and even reparation may be yours.


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71 Med

Behold your superpower!

Next time you’re having a bad day, keep an eye out for Mercedes cars.

From up to 50 metres away, your keen hearing will come to the fore.

As you approach each car from the front, you’ll discern by the engine’s more guttural timbre whether it’s diesel-powered.

As you pass the car, you’ll know beyond doubt that it’s rear end will sport a D or DIESEL in raised, chrome-plated letters.

When you see this sign of your small superpower, you’ll feel a bit better.

Not much better, but anything is better on a bad day.

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The puppy as a child.

The puppy as a child.

If childless, you should have more success than most deriving faux-parenting experiences from non-infants.

This will likely be due to your vivid imagination and strong ability to anthropomorphize.

The flip side of ‘making do’ with substitute offspring is that when your pet does die, your heart will shatter with grief.

Yet it’ll probably be worth it.

If you found this content useful or entertaining, you may wish to:

Even a buck or three will keep me in the hunt. With many thanks, Paul.


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Worth the trip.

If your counsellor  mentions ‘Highly Sensitive Person Syndrome‘, your first impulse may be to laugh.

First, it sounds like a pretty wishy-washy name.

Second, you already suffer from Asperger Syndrome; of what possible use could another condition be?

Still, as you’re always questing to find your way in a difficult world, you may accept your counsellor’s recommendation to read The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aron.

If you do, you may be struck by three things:

  1. There’s a questionnaire to see just how sensitive you are. Chances are you’ll attain a perfect score.
  2. Elaine is obviously an HSP, and her empathy with your condition is very welcome.
  3. She offers some useful and practical life tips.

Chief among these are:

  • Be your own ‘parent’ (i.e. look after yourself as if you still had a living and/or caring mother or father).
  • If you’re about to freak out in a situation, give it just a bit more time. Promise yourself you can leave if things remain difficult. There’s a good chance that after you get over your initial panic, you’ll be OK.
  • You really can’t afford to hide in your room forever. Especially if you have a partner. Give new things a go now and then. If something is too hard, you can always withdraw. But at least make an effort.

While some parts of the book may be uncomfortable to read, it’s true that without some pain there’s little gain.

On balance, you should find that The Highly Sensitive Person will reward your time and effort.

The book costs about ten bucks and you can buy it here.


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It’s difficult to overstate the calming effect of flannelette on ultra-sensitive skin.

Flannelette (also called flannel) warms, cradles and soothes.

It never cuts, rubs, snags, shocks or prickles.

If you were lucky enough to experience this fabric as a child, a trip down memory lane is highly recommended.

If you’re married, there’s a good chance your spouse won’t take kindly to you capering around the house in flannelette pajamas.

A less difficult goal is to shoot for a flannelette sheet on your bed.

Though you may also encounter stiff opposition to this idea, your partner will eat their words when they finally slide onto a slice of sheer comfort.

Chances are your bed is already a haven.

Flannelette will make it a nest.

Good luck!


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Don’t be fooled by age or looks. This may be the best ten bucks you ever spend!

Aspies make ferocious and diabolically innovative gamers.

Perhaps because cyberspace is the only playing field that’s truly level.

And because you don’t have to play ‘face to face‘.

If you’d like to try your hand at this tremendously fun activity, but are worried that you can’t handle too many things going on at once, there’s a solution.

It’s called turn-based combat.

As the name suggests, you and your opponent take it in turns to make your moves. Just like chess.

Unlike real time strategy (RTS) games, you can consider your moves as carefully and for as long as you wish.

Panzer General is arguably the best turn-based strategy game of all time.

I’m talking about the original. Not the many iterations it’s gone through since its release.

Though it looks desperately ‘old school’ compared to today’s frenetic, visually rich games, it has a standard of game play that you just can’t beat.

Give it a shot.

The skills you learn in this arena will serve you very well if you decide to go for more challenging fare (e.g. Company of Heroes) down the track.


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The Aspie’s hero? You be the judge.

One interesting corollary of your ‘otherness’ may be your strong attraction to certain movies.

The sort of films with an eccentric, fringe-dwelling protagonist who wages an unconventional battle against forces infinitely more potent than himself.

Murphy’s War, starring Peter O’Toole, is the epitome of this genre.

The reasons for your attraction will naturally differ according to your experience and personality.

However, you may be particularly drawn to the hero’s ability to:

  1. Build, repair and use things.
  2. Garner loyalty and support from subordinates.
  3. Learn new skills.
  4. Carry on despite setbacks.
  5. Articulate and remain steadfastly true to a vision.
  6. Conquer fear of injury and failure.
  7. Subvert ‘the system’ with impunity.
  8. Earn the grudging respect of those whose rules you break.

I’d be fascinated to know if other Aspies share my deep affection for this movie.

Check it out and let me know!

The novel is also very good. Descriptions of the river (a character in its own right) are particularly impressive.


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Yellow and Blue

These colours work very well together.

If you sleep in a small room with no view, you can use colour to great effect.

Choose a deep blue for the wall which has the door. When you lie on your bed, you can pretend you’re looking at sea or sky.

Your strong imagination will make this quite real, rendering it calming and relaxing.

Use rich, sunflower yellow on the other three walls. The moment you finish painting, you’ll feel ‘held’ by this ‘U’ of comfort and security.

Yellow is a great colour for creativity. And because you have one wall blue, it’ll recede from the yellow walls, giving a sense of space and adding to the elemental effect.

If you’re feeling hurt or troubled, your bed can be a sanctuary. Resting on it, you can gaze into the blue yonder, safe in the embrace of your three golden sentinels.


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The Best Gift Ever.

The Best Gift Ever.

A puppy may be the best gift you ever receive.

You’ll delight in stroking her coat with your fingertips, feeling her heartbeat with your palm and hearing her breath with your head against her side.

Nothing will feel softer than her fine, furry ears. And the faint, dusty smell behind them will be unique in your world.

You’ll love how she curls against you in winter, noting that her body temperature is two degrees higher than yours.

As she’s such a good guard dog, you’ll truly relax when she does. The certain knowledge that no-one can approach without triggering her warning growl will give you rare respite from constant vigilance.

You’ll love her dearly and spare no expense on her health and wellbeing.


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