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Bring out the biggest gun.

If you’re young, your otherness may make you an easy target for paedophiles.

If you’re unlucky enough to fall victim, the road to recovery may be twisted and long.

Medication, alcohol, therapy, creative writing – all may fail to heal (or even mask) your pain.

That’s where a Royal Commission comes in handy.

Vast, inexorable and insanely powerful, mere mention of this crushing juggernaut turns kiddy fiddler blood to ice.

Once you give evidence to an actual commissioner, your case is referred to a nice policeman who turns every stone to bring your attacker to justice.

The process is exhaustive and exhausting.

Black leaves from your lake bed cloud your days anew.

But it’s not as bad as living with trauma unabated.

And one fine day, acknowledgement, apology and even reparation may be yours.


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This may cost much more than you think.

Concerned at your unwillingness to make friends at school, your parents may compel you to attend Cubs, Scouts, Guides or Brownies.

This will be a largely negative experience.

On the upside, you’ll likely be better than the entire troop at lighting campfires in adverse conditions. Though this talent will earn you only grudging respect (and probably a nickname).

On the downside, your obsession with maximising your merit badge collection will put you at the mercy of any paedophiles among the supervising adults.

These predators will gain your trust by going easy on you in badge assessments. As soon as your guard is down, they’ll strike.

Their attack will have acute and chronic repercussions that are too numerous to describe in this post.

Suffice it to say that your Asperger symptoms will attain an unprecedented intensity.


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