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An introduction to Paul Hassing's autobiography

Take the plunge!

If you’ve enjoyed this blog, you may also like my newest project.

It’s an autobiography, whose style you’ll find familiar.

I warmly welcome your visit and comments.


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Lawrence. About to lose it.
God knows I would too!

Lawrence of Arabia is another Aspie hero.

He certainly knew his stuff among the Arabs in World War I.

And if you read his biography, you’ll find he was a troubled chap indeed.

Despite his profound otherness, he achieved great things in archaeology, language, warfare and literature.

Though the movie is doubtless romanticised, it has more than enough grit to satisfy the fact-hungry viewer.

Lawrence’s ultra-violent response to his abuse by the Turks is an oft-cited character flaw.

Yet who among us, bullied at school to the edge of madness, would not take revenge on our tormentors if given the chance to do so with impunity?

As with Murphy’s War, I’d love to hear your views on this film.

Perhaps we can generate a Top Ten Aspie Film list.

The festival wouldn’t be much chop …

but our friends and family would certainly have an easy job at xmas!


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Strike One.

Strike One.

Given your first camera, you may prefer to capture scenes, rather than people.

Later in life, it may disturb you to learn that Adolf Hitler did the same thing in his paintings.

Strike Two.

Strike Two.

As these photographs attest, your intense concentration on the subject may occur at the expense of all other stimuli.

This is because you’re a one-thing-at-a-time person.

Strike Three.

Strike Three.

Fortunately, digital cameras have obviated the frustration and expense of getting back disappointing photos like this.


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A snapshot of life in junior high school.

At school, the torments of ‘otherness’ reach an exquisite crescendo.

Some days, you may run home and beg never to be sent back.

But you must return, as that’s the way of the world.

See the post on Bully for some survival tips.


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Avoid the circles of hell.

Violence is a hideous anathema, especially to highly sensitive people.

Unfortunately, violence is the ONLY language bullies understand. If you don’t use it up front, you’re doomed.

Consider the fate of new prison inmates who are tested and found weak. School and work are not so different.

The good news is that, at your first show of force, the great majority of bullies desist. Some may even offer friendship and respect.

The bad news is that parents often recommend a host of ineffectual alternatives to violence:

  1. Ignore them and they’ll go away.
  2. Impress them with your superior intelligence.
  3. Laugh along when they laugh at you.
  4. Stay out of their way.
  5. Tell the teacher/counsellor/principal/bus driver.

Each of these strategies merely intensifies and prolongs bullying. By the time you work through them all, you’ll have made yourself a terminal target.

The only way to tackle nemeses is to fight them. This takes courage, but it’s over in minutes (or even seconds).

You needn’t learn karate or tae kwon do, though that’ll naturally improve your chances of victory. The thing is, you don’t need to win. You just need to have a go.

You may cop a sore ear, lip,  nose or eye. This pain will quickly fade. Avoiding physical conflict, on the other hand, condemns you to a life of mental anguish.

Bullies like soft targets. The moment you refuse to be one, they’ll hunt elsewhere.

If I could change one element of my life, I’d go back and punch all my bullies in the face and dare them to do their worst.



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Has this ever happened to you?

If you receive a religious upbringing, your faith may be tested early.

The acute lack of hard evidence for your designated god/s will set your mind to questioning.

The wonder of miracles and mysteries will vanish when they fall apart under your objective analysis.

The existence of hundreds of belief systems, all claiming to be the only true faith, will make you consider several alternatives, then become suspicious of them all.

The use of almost all religions to disempower women, molest children, murder infidels and/or enrich officials will fuel your distrust.

Fortunately, your keen appreciation of nature will make you feel there’s some kind of higher power (and therefore a possible afterlife).

Agnosticism will thus spare you the nihilism of atheism, unless unhappy life events make you lose faith in everything.

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Painting in 1973

Painting in 1973

When doing art at primary school with scissors, glue and coloured fabric scraps, you’ll probably create something extraordinary.

Not only will your subject be atypical for your age (e.g. an erupting volcano) you’ll also use the materials metaphorically (e.g. bold black strips to indicate flying lava trajectory).

The result will be so unusual that your teacher may discuss it with your parents.

Don’t get your hopes up.

Though your piece will stand out clearly from the families, pets and vehicles depicted by your classmates, it’ll fail to garner a red-and-yellow SOLD sticker in the art gallery at the school fete.

Instead, it’ll be taken down, folded double and returned to you as a memento of your ‘otherness’.

Whether you can parlay this trait into a viable artistic career is entirely up to you.

A Volcano. Circa 1970.

A Volcano. Circa 1970.

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