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On a lazy Sunday morning, this plane may keep you guessing.

Your aspie superpowers may manifest at the most unexpected times and in the strangest ways.

There may come a Sunday morning when you stroll outside for a stretch.

Immediately you’ll notice that something is out of the ordinary.

You’ll hear the drone of an airplane, but something about it won’t be quite right.

You’ll know it’s not the local DC-3 tourist plane, for that aircraft has engines which don’t match today’s modern sounds.

You’ll know it’s not the local Tiger Moth joy rider, for that has one tiny engine. Completely different.

For a moment, you may think it’s the contemporary Cessna Somethingorother that does the traffic report each weekday morning.

The sound is similar, but not the same.

Unable to pick what it is, you’ll prowl your backyard for the best vantage point, your ears tracking the signal and helping you orient your sight.

Then, when you do finally see it, it’ll all make sense.

It’ll be a Cessna, but a push-prop variety. The sort they used in the Vietnam War as artillery spotter planes. (You can see one of these in Apocalypse Now.)

At that moment, you’ll realise you have a special gift.

If only it were commercially marketable!

Filled with a feeling of satisfaction, you’ll go inside and report to your partner. If they love you (as they almost certainly will – otherwise they wouldn’t still be around) they’ll congratulate you on your strange, tiny, economically worthless superpower.

Notwithstanding all the above, you’ll know in your heart that if you lined up all the residents in your street and played them recordings of the pleasure, traffic and spotter planes, they wouldn’t be able to pick the difference to save their lives.

So be content with that.


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