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Can you see the fresh green scratch?

It’s nice to watch possums scrabble among eucalypts at night.

By day, it’s satisfying to trace the oh-so-faint ‘paths’ their furry bodies smooth onto the bark.

Closer up, it’s even more satisfying to detect claw marks.

Best of all is to spot the one tiny mark that’s green.

For that mark was made just last night.

By a possum that’s probably watching you right now.

And only you and a very few others have the power to notice such things. 🙂


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Is the ivy malicious? Is the tree afraid?

Consider the photo above. Does it look to you as if the ivy has mounted a full-scale assault on this tree?

I was stopped in my tracks by this gripping scene. Immediately my mind began anthropomorphizing the ‘combatants’.

The ivy was evil. The tree was terrified. It was like the old eagle/snake taxidermy clichĂ© – played out in vegetation.

See the tendrils following the channels in the bark?
Is this not evidence of intent?

Closer inspection confirmed my view that the ivy knew exactly what it was doing. And meant business.

Yet how could an Aspie, hopeless at discerning even the most obvious social signals from humans, pretend to know the mind and will of a creeper?

Is it because I’m socially dysfunctional that I ‘lower my sights’ to relate with simpler organisms? Or is this just an overheated imagination gone crazy?

Here’s how the tree sees it:

Scary? No?

But trees can’t ‘see’, can they? And creepers aren’t really evil, are they?

Are we absolutely sure?

This scares the crap out of me.
Imagine how the tree feels!

From trees to flies to spiders to weeds. I invest every living thing I see with a soul and a mind.

Even cars, fridges and VCRs have given me pause for thought over the years.

What I’d really like to know is whether this is an Asperger thing or something else.

To this end, I warmly welcome your frank comments.


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Miffy in the Snow Small

Snow is very … cool.

You will like snow.

First, it acts like a remote control on the earth. Freezing motion and muting sound.

A forest under heavy snow on a calm, sunny day is a paragon of peace, order and stillness. The quietude will be like a balm on your so-often-hectic brain.

Any event that occurs on this backdrop will be super real. Like the girl in the red dress in The Matrix. Or the device advertising agencies use to colour the ‘hero’ product against a monochrome background.

If you’re lucky enough to see a bird hopping among the silent branches, you’ll delight in watching it at leisure while the rest of the world is stopped in time.

Second, snow is a mechanism for precisely translating movement into sound and energy into form.

When you step into a drift, the crunching snow records the speed and trajectory of your foot. And the imprint reveals exactly how much force you put into your step.

This is like seeing words as pictures, or (perhaps) numbers as forms.

It’s very satisfying and great fun.


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