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A very, very exciting day!

A very, very exciting day!

Do you wonder what aspie fiction is like?

This collection of 19 short stories may give you an idea.

There's your book; now ... buy it!

There’s your book; now … buy it!

It took 20 years to create.

That should make it 200% better than Catch 22.

You can determine if this is true by buying Imagine Day.

To do so, go here or email to request a personalised message.

This first edition, strictly limited to just 200 copies, will be the only one featuring dedications written with my Magic Red Pen.

Regular readers of this blog will know I don’t flog stuff.

So this book must be rather special.

How frightfully exciting!


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An introduction to Paul Hassing's autobiography

Take the plunge!

If you’ve enjoyed this blog, you may also like my newest project.

It’s an autobiography, whose style you’ll find familiar.

I warmly welcome your visit and comments.


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‘Dr Phil’. AspieScribe’s Psychologist.

Hello. I’ve been AspieScribe’s psychologist for about six years. This blog was my idea.

I thought writing a blog would be good for AS and others because:

  1. AS was having trouble getting back into writing after a long break from it.
  2. Writing down painful memories often takes some of the ‘sting’ out of them.
  3. Many of the situations AS described to me were quite entertaining.
  4. AS is an excellent writer and the blog could be published as a book.
  5. Other Asperger sufferers and their supporters could benefit from reading such a book.

I’m pleased with how the blog is going. It’s obvious to me that AS has benefitted greatly from writing it.

AS is in much better shape than when we began our counselling sessions and I expect further improvements.

I commend this blog to you and hope you also derive benefit from it.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Philip Greenway

M.A. (Edin.), Doct en Psych (Louvain)

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